Kundenspezifische Anpassung  Hecho a la medida de los clientes y de los partners  Tailored to customers and partners needs  Sur-mesure pour les besoins de nos clients et partenaires
Custom-made, not standard …

An individual solution for each client

The FLEET-CONTROL-MONITOR is a web-based, modular software package. Tailored to customers and partners, every user gets his custom-made processing-surface.

The previously developed workflow in combination with the respective service makes a user-friendly and logical working method possible.

Integration support for the FLEET-CONTROL-MONITOR

Thus this control platform has to meet an abundance of different requirements. Beginning with the design of individual processes, connection interfaces on the definition of new orders to the safe storage after winding up the entire action.

It is never standard, but should adapted or customized in most cases. Above all it must be "client competent", which means that it is integrated into existing IT infrastructures, or must at least be able to communicate with them.

In order to generate practical and efficient processes expertise in IT systems and software development are prerequisites.

The internal software development department possesses this know how and will assist in the adaptation of the FCM to existing software environments.